Friday, May 17, 2013

Beach Baby!!

You ready to hit the beach?  I know I am.  Even more so after seeing this beachy kit from Meagan!  (as always, all the previews are linked for you!)
How awesome is this?  Can't you just FEEL the sand between your toes?  I know I can!  I would love be somewhere beachy, with my behind in the sand, toes in the water and a cold beverage at my side (for me, my beverage of choice is sweet tea) and of course, my kids running and splashing.  
And you know Meagan can't do *just* a kit, she's also got lots of fabulously awesome add-ons to compliment Beach Baby.  And they're ALL on sale for 20% off through Sunday!
There's quickpages:
There's word art clusters:
Some element clusters:
Glitters: (that can be used in ANY program!)
Or for even more savings, pick up the Sweet Deal bundle for only $10.80
This is just so much beachy goodness!  I'll leave you with some amazing pages by Meagan's girls.  I hope the rest of your day is a little bit sunnier after seeing these!
And don't forget to stop by Meagan's Facebook page to pick up the coordinating journal cards!
Thanks for spending time with us today and I hope you have a beachy weekend!

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