Friday, March 15, 2013

New Releases from Meagan's Creations

Kari here to tell you about the craziness that is Meagan's new releases this week!  Fun and full of funky wackiness is Crazy Hair Day.  I know you've had some hair days that's just been perfect.  I also know you've had some you would probably rather forget.  OK, so maybe your kids have some hair-y situations they would rather forget.  But we can't have that, now can we??  I didn't think so.  This bundle started out as a request by one of the team members and I tell ya, Meagan went crazy!  I think this is my new favorite by her!  OK, I'll quit flapping my jaws and get right to the previews (which are linked for you!)  And don't forget, they are on sale for a limited time 20% off!
The kit:
The Quickpages:
 The Word Art:
 The Clusters:
 and the Glitters:
Or for even better savings, the Bundle for ONLY $10.80
See what I mean?  Oh wait...I said releaseS, plural!  Yep, Meagan's rockin the releases today!  She's even got a new template pack!!
Stand Out Templates:
Love them!  My new favorite pack!  These work great as single pagers, or they can be flipped & make fantabulous 2-pagers!  And also, these are 20% off for a limited time!  I'll leave you with a bit of beauty-usness by the team.  I tell ya, these ladies just knock it out with their talent!
See what I mean?  These ladies blow me away every week!  Thanks for spending time with us today!

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